Monday, 22 October 2012

Study, Friends & Rewards

Friends are great when it comes to studying.
Arrange to study with someone or with a group.
However, whether studying by yourself or in a group do not let yourself be distracted. 
Set a timer for forty or fifty minutes and do that reading or writing. When time’s up reward yourself with a cuppa or a walk. Then do another forty or fifty minutes. You’ll be surprised how much you achieve if you just take your time and pace things. 

Remember to have a bigger reward planned for when you have finished a block of study. For ideas on treats and rewards see Celebrate 

The Irish Heart Foundation’s ‘Manage Your Stress’ Booklet, which is available in the Wellness Centre also has great advice on giving yourself treats:
 ‘Whenever you are faced with a difficult challenge, plan to give yourself a treat afterwards. The possibilities are endless – a meal with a friend, a new item of clothing, a book, a relaxing bath or listening to music. Having something to look forward to will help you cope much better’

For more practical learning advice see:

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